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Sorry im not perfect [entries|friends|calendar]

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[27 Jun 2004|05:06pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Ugh. Someone get me some soup! I have cootys or something *laughs* How is everyone? I hope well. I have to hurry up because I have a DR. Appt. today. Wish me luck and Wish me well.

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[07 Jun 2004|03:39pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

With a host of recording,losing weight, trying to get better so i can tour....I havent updated and I am sorry. Maybe this may help me feel better? *gets up and walks to the kitchen, opens the fridge gets a drink, walks back to her desk* Hmm, I feel so lonely now days. Like I want someone to come home to. Well before I bring you down with me...I need to go get some food. *hits update button, puts on her away messsage and walks to the kitchen*

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[05 May 2004|04:29am]
[ mood | content ]

* Worked on the lay out for an hour got booted ofline works for another hour then gave up ....She got up for a break and walked on the shore, She walks back in pulls out her chair sets down and begins to type*

Hi! I honeslty dont know what to say that you all do not know. My name is Christina and i sing? I am currently single its not that i dont like to date its just that everytime i meet someone they fall in love with the stage me and not the real me.

The diffence is that i dont walk around in assless pants with a gallon of mascarra on. I love jogging pants and big t-shirts.

Well i guess that is all. Somethings are supposed to be left for the imagination. I have to go for now, My manager says i need to loose 20lbs before i can tour agian. So here i go to work my ass off....
Much Love,

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